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Smart Line – Tile Cutters

The new range of “Smart Line” tile cutters is inspired by the modern concept of “Basic” in the sense of simplicity and ease of use whilst still maintaining a high standard of quality.

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The Smart Line tile cutter is robust machine, easy to use but still incorporates the basic features expected of a manual standard tile cutter.
It is built with a pull incision handle that has two neoprene “no scratch” splitting pads inserted on the underside, a square with a fixed nose adjustable protractor for angled cuts and a cross bar which is adjustable in two positions depending on the thickness of the tile you want to cut.


It is available in four sizes for use cutting all classic tile sizes – medium-large (33-43-53 and 63 cm). These tile cutters are also suitable for cutting all types of materials such as earthenware, porcelain, ceramic, single, kerlite and other thick tile.