Double Scissor Mobile Table LiftDoubleScissorMobileTableLift

Double Scissor Mobile Table Lift



This popular mobile double scissor lift table can be used for many applications and is particularly suited for use as a feeding table on an assembly line.

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MODEL NK9 – DS 30 NK9 – DS 50
Capacity 300 kg 500 kg
Table Size 1010 x 520 mm 1010 x 520 mm
Min. Table Height 435 mm 440 mm
Max. Table Height 1585 mm 1575 mm
Handle Height 1130 mm 1130 mm
Wheel Size 150 mm 150 mm
Overall Size 520 x 1260 mm 520 x 1260 mm
Net Weight 150 kg 170 kg

TE is the electric lifting table in which lifting is obtained by means of a three-phase 380/220 V control unit directly connected to the outlet; its use is the ideal solution for a large number of problems such as loading/unloading goods to/from motor vehicles, the connection among different work tables or the service to machine tools and operators.