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The SPECIAL drum sander specially designed and built for wooden floors is a quality machine and the result of more than 40 years of experience in sanding technology.

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High production rate
The heavy-duty motor, the large abrasive area, the rotation speed, and the perfect balance of the drum, allow high performance even under the most difficult conditions. A double pressure
control system of the drum, furthermore, allows one to rapidly achieve the desired level of sanding.


Easy to use
Of simple and compact design, the SPECIAL is extremely manageable and easy to manoeuvre during sanding. The absolute balance allows even inexpert users to achieve excellent
results right from the very beginning. Rapid replacement of the abrasives
The drum sander, equipped with self-tensioning spring-loaded fasteners, allows rapid and easy replacement of the sanding strips without the need to go from course down to fine abrasive


Dust Free
The powerful suction system keeps the work surface perfectly clean during all phases of sanding.


No start-up problems
A powerful motor, with low power consumption ensures that the machine will work even when there are problems with the power supply.


Operator Safety
The driving V-belts and the drum sander are protected by casings which are easily removed when necessary, while a special electrical mechanism prevents the unexpected start-up of the motor after the power supply has been inadvertently interrupted. All the safety devices with which it is equipped in accordance with the EEC standards, combine to make the SPECIAL a very safe sander in any type of condition.


Ease of Transport
The SPECIAL can be easily disassembled into three separate sections, if necessary, to facilitate transport.
Current Single phase
Voltage 220 V
Power 3 h.p./2.2 kW
Drum width 200 mm
Drum diameter 150 mm
Drum rotation 2550 R.P.M.
Size of abrasive 200 x 570 mm
Weight of machine 70 kg.
Guarantee 12 months