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Atmospheric air contains already in its origin impurities like: dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in form of humidity, which once sucked by the compressor is compressed and delivered to the line together with eventual oily particles. These polluting agents, interacting among each other, may generate abrasive and corrosive emulsions able to damage the distribution lines, the pneumatic devices and the product itself. ABAC has the right solution to purify air according to your requirements.

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- Condensate treatment with WS range

The WS Series oil-water separators collect the separated residual oil in a suitable container allowing the water which has been cleared of impurities to be drained, therefore being a valid and economical solution to separate oil from condensate and offer a solution in-line with ecological legislation. At the end of the process, the water can simply be discharged on site into the wastepipe.