Sahinler 3R-UHS 30-450Sahinler_3R-UHS_30-450

Sahinler 3R-UHS 30-450




• NC control system

• Over head crane for large diameters

• Hydraulic lateral side support for large diameters

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• High efficency on heavy plate bending operation

• Reduced overall dimensions and easiness of transportation on medium and big machines

• Having the two bottom rolls horizontally moving, means also a lower working height which requires a smaller foundation pit and less anchoring load (in the smallest models you don’t need foundation).

• During production (pre-bending and bending phases), the plate keeps always its horizontal postion. So material move more easy

• The solid construction and the particular geometry of the 3R UHS enable to be used as a pressbrake bending machine.

• The 3R UHS machine can fulfill the best pre-bending on every required diameter. The posibility to reduce centre-distance between lower rolls realizes a better pre-bending during bending of tubes with small diameter and thickness.

• Another important future of the 3R UHS machine is the operating system of the top forming roll. In fact, the top forming roll can be used as a tradational pressbrake allowing perfect re-rolling and calibration operations of the produced tubes.

• In the same way it is also possible to obtain cones with heavy thickness by bending in several strokes the plate.

• With some 3 and 4 rolls pyramidal machines it is necessary to tilt the top roll to allow the produced tube removel. On the 3R UHS machine this is no necessary and therefore it is much more easy to remove the finished tube

• Large working stroke allows to get best bending result.

• Can bend more thicker plates compare to equivalent 3 or 4 roll machines

• Induction hardened forged or rolled SAE 1050 (CK 45) Steel Rolls

• Double Speed Working system

• Conical Bending device

• Electronic balancing system