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Rotary Screw Compressors

Capacity: 270ltr
1435 l/min
50.7cfm @ 10 Bar
Length: 1500mm
Width: 642mm
Height: 1837mm
Weight: 355kg

Other features:
Comfortable working environment with extremely reduced noise levels
As efficient as large industrial compressors with low maintenance, low energy consumption, low service input
Simple and fast maintenance with long service intervals (service and parts available subject to terms and conditions)
Maximum energy efficiency variable speed version.

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From basic versions up to complete versions with integrated dryers, filters and variable speed drive.
Peace of mind: new air ends provide you a robust, efficient and reliable compressed air solution.
Maximum efficiency with new EFF1 motors (5,5-15 kW and variable speed)
Comfortable working environment: extreme low noise level thanks to generous canopy insulation.
Full control and functionality just behind a few clicks with intuitive smart controller
Enhanced efficiency and lifetime of your equipment and tools with FORMULA E, providing dry and clean air
Effortless maintenance: long service intervals, smart maintenance kits and quick access to belts, filters & dryer.
Easy handling with 3 accessibility points
Space efficient design: very high output for a very little foot print