The PRECISA 420 PH is the ideal partner when it comes to the flexibility required for welding on all materials (steel, light alloys or applications such as agricultrual machines, metallic furniture, etc…). Designed for both conventional and advanced MIG/MAG processes (for thin plate MIG brazing etc…) and also for MMA applications. This machine is optimized due to the facilities for adjustment and the wide range of synergic programs for all materials and gas combinations. This installation is the best solution for an efficient machine, which is easy to adjust and easy to use.

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Features and product advantages:
Numerical control of parameters giving exceptional arc stability and welding quality.
Water cooled.
Easy selection of parameters, easy to read digital display.
Synergic curves available as standard to optimize results with a simple “one button” selection.
A wide set of welding processes available for optimum welding in all situations:
-Speed Short Arc: high welding speed / low deformation on thin plates,
-Pulsed: for optimum aluminium and stainless steel welding,
-Cold Double Pulse: for the highest quality on thin plates especially stainless and aluminium,  weld bead with TIG aspect,
-MIG Brazing: for thin coated plates, e.g. car body repair,with low deformation and good  mechanical characteristics.