Mircro Flame Acrylic Polisher – HG-100AMircro_Flame_Acrylic_Polisher

Mircro Flame Acrylic Polisher – HG-100A

Micro flame polisher adopts distinctive techniques. Its electrolyzer has high efficiency with series and parallel compound technique.It is light,energy saving,environmental friendly,safe and reliable.
Working Principle:
It’s very convenient to make hydrogen and oxygen with electrolysis of water.Inlet AC to electrolyzer filled with NaOH or KOH and water molecules are decomposed gradually and then oxygen and hydrogen are produced. Its chemical equations are as follows:
Cathode:2H2O +2e → H2↑+2OH
Anode ::2OH -2e →1/2O2+ H2O
Total equation:2H2O →2 H2 ↑+ O2 ↑

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1. Organic Glass Industry
Organic glass ( acrylic ) polishing. High temperature flame can beautifully process the organic handicraft articles.
2. Electronic Industry
IC encapsulation
3. Semiconductor
4. Nonferrous welding ,braze welding
In the process of welding nonferrous metal ,oxygen is not necessarily needed by Oxy-hydrogen Generator. It can save costs by more than 30% compared with the other way with the same-materials and same workloads .
a. Welding all kinds of platinum ,gold ,silver , copper ornaments and so on.
b. The fusion of lead accumulator and tin poles.
5. School laboratory
Providing convenient and safe oxy-hydrogen flame.