Metal Band Saw MachineMetal_Band_Saw_Machine-1

Metal Band Saw Machine

- Complete automated reducing with hydraulic energy roller vise for feeding.
- Content positioning is correct.
- Effortlessly established degrees from 45deg to 90deg for angle reducing.
- Simple blade pressure system assures the rigidity.
- Movement sensor shuts down the equipment in the function of a blade breakage or jam
- The bandsaw stops automatically upon finishing the presetted piece amount.
- Optional 2m roller desk

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1. The cutting speed is adopted hydraulic control and stepless speed regulation.
2. The structure of guide block is scientific and reasonable and can extend the use life of the saw blade.
3. The double-column structure is of stablde saw cutting and high precision.
4. The workholding is combined with hydraulic pressure and manual adjustment with convenient operation.