Master Brooklyn – Electric, Water-Cooled Diamond Tiletaglierina-elettrica-electric-tile-saw-art.990EV1

Master Brooklyn – Electric, Water-Cooled Diamond Tile

Water-cooled electric tile saw designed for cutting sheets of stone, masonry, etc. This professional saw cuts slabs up to 125 cm length and between 0 and 13cm thickness depending on the model.Perfect for diagonal,Jolly and angled cuts. The version 230v has a 2,2 kw motor. Super professional disk included. Recommended for tiles cutters who have to cut very thick granite and marble .

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The material to be cut is firmly supported on the robust stainless steel top and can be positioned as desired thanks to the protractor square. Starting the motor automatically starts the pump that sends water to the disc guard to ensure optimum cooling of the tool. If the material to be cut is extra thick (over 8 cm), you are advised to execute a first pass with the blade slightly raised (turn the knob on the right hand side of the motor head). Complete cutting by fully lowering the disc.

Made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel with triple paint coating. Belt drive for optimum disc rotation speed. Disc support arm with a special rotation fulcrum, which allows a wide range of vertical travel and use for trimming tasks. Removable water tank.

Folding legs equipped with wheels for easy movement. Can be equipped with a support table for large materials. The removable water tank help in cleaning operation. Tanks in new and patented goniometrical square the measurement never change for any angle.