Inverter MMA Welding MachineInverter_MMA_Welding_Machine

Inverter MMA Welding Machine


* Inverter technique makes the welder runs in high utilization rate of power.
* Low open circuit loss and has good welding quality.
* Suitable for MMA welding of low carbon steel and low alloy steel with all kinds of welding rod.

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1. The inverter and precision constant current feedback control and technology, soft switch, 100 kHz of welding frequency;

2. Wide working voltage range, strong adaptability to electricity power grid, high ability of interference resistance, stable welding current and steady arc;

3. Intensive arc, high welding speed, excellent welding performance, deep welding pool, less spatter, continuous current regulation, safety and reliable for operation;

4. Compact structure, portable, energy saving, easy for maintenance;

5. Applicable to various acid and basic welding electrodes;

6. Suitable for stainless, carbon steel, copper, cast iron, alloy metal, etc.;

7. Complete accessories: welding torch, welding cable, earth clamp, welding holder, carton box.