HSS _ DMo 5 Circular Saw BladeHSS_DMo5CircularSawBlade

HSS _ DMo 5 Circular Saw Blade


Material of HSS-DMO5,W5,W6,W9,M2,M42,Cr12mov
Long Life and High Precision
All Kind Of Surface Treatment
No teeth,Teeth shape

The various special surface treatments are realized with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) with formation of nitrides, carbides and metal carbintrides.

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Goldface (TiN – Coating)

The GOLFACE coating gives the blade a great surface hardness. The high oxidation temperature, together with other positive characteristics, makes it possible to work at cutting and feed rates approx. 50% higher than with an untreated blade. Cutting times are reduced and blade life is increased. GOLDFACE blades are suitable for cutting of mild steels (500 – 750 N/mm2).


Speedface (TiCN – Coating)

This is a multi-layer coating with a low friction coefficient that offers an excellent finish at very high cutting and feed rates. It can be used for hard steels (800 – 1000 N/mm2), for copper and brass alloys and for extremely abrasive materials where the phenomenon of “chip welding” can be a problem.



Bestface (CrN  - Coating)

Characterised by a high surface hardness and low friction coefficient (the lowest of all), this coating is particularly suitable for cutting pasty materials such as copper, brass and bronze. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance this coating is also ideal for some plastics and applications where high temperatures and corrosion phenomena could develop.