Hand Stackerbeta-sl-m

Hand Stacker



The manual translation and elevation lift truck: the forks are lifted through a double effect manual pump, while the hand wheel located on the pump body is used to carry out the descent; thanks to the presence of a specific steering arm, it is also easy to carry out the manual movements of the stacker that may be necessary.

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The robust structure and the 1150mm-long fixed forks ensure capacities of up to 1200 Kg in this manual version; a real alternative to electric models, also suitable for intensive uses. A stacker that is easy to use and always ready to be employed even in sites without power supply.


The driving solution with adjustable rudder ensures simple manoeuvrability and positioning of the load under safety conditions.


Lifting is carried out through a double effect manual pump, in order to ensure rapidity of operation and to limit the operator physical effort; everything for an easy and quick use. MOVEMENT OF LOADS IN COMPLIANCE WITH CURRENT REGULATIONS:
The current regulations in terms of safety at the workplace impose very strict limits on the manual movement of loads by the operator; therefore, the BETA series represents the simplest and most economical solution in order to move medium-heavy loads in compliance with the current regulations.


The purpose of design and the large number of prototypes developed has always been to obtain not only excellent performance, but also a significant reduction of the probabilities of failure and a longer average life of the stacker.


For ARMANNI, the safety of operators is the main requirement when designing machines; structural calculations and simulation programmes lead to the creation of highly resistant frames in order to ensure maximum safety even with full load.

The complete safety equipment includes crush resistance fairing on the wheels, parking brake and mast mesh guards.



Manual traction.
Steering arm assembled on bearings.
Double steering wheels with extra-heavy castors assembled on bearings.
Single polyurethane roller.
Parking brake.
1150mm-long fixed forks.
Chromed oleodynamic piston.
Rubber wheels.


Customisation of machines with superior equipment and accessories such as different types of shaped cradles or forks for mounting reels or special structures in order to move special loads.
Design of special structures and frames with customised size legs, masts for custom-made heights, reinforced structures, stainless steel or galvanised parts for special working environments.