Electric Tile Saw For Tiles/MosaicElectric_Tile_Saw_For_Tiles_Mosaic

Electric Tile Saw For Tiles/Mosaic

Electric tile saw designed for cutting even small mosaics (1×1 cm), it also makes the perfect dry electric tile-saw for ceramic, marble and granite tiles. Grinding machine and a specific SSM blade for cutting mosaics are included in the price. Maximum cut length 51 cm and maximum cut thickness 2cm.

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The mosaics are placed on the wooden work table and secured by the upper bar; sawing is very precise (it is necessary to proceed slowly). The dust generated by cutting is extracted through the tube under the work table, which can be connected to a suction unit.

Support table in phenol-glued plywood to damp the vibrations generated by the disc; ground, chromed steel slide rail and oil-less bushings.

Cuts mosaics of the smallest dimensions thanks to the special clamp. The machine can cut any type of ceramic or porcelain tile, using the specific diamond blade.