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Disc Sander DS 430

The fruit of advanced technology, acquired through years of experience. Extremely sturdy, silent, reliable and manageable, it is the ideal solution when you need to prepare floor foundations and finish parquet floors. It comes in four versions with different power outputs and speeds: the DS 430, 154 rpm, particularly suitable for floor foundations and parquet floor, when incisive action is needed; the DS 430 HS, 230 rpm, preferable for painstaking finishing of parquet floors; the DS 430 HDM and HHDM, ideals for stony floors and heavy works. It can be equipped on request with a powerful dust suction system, for dust-free operation, providing a perfectly clean job. It has a range of interchangeable accessories, to convert the machine into an ideal sander to prepare floor foundations, to remove rubber and residual glue, for final sanding of both traditional and prefinished parquet and for perfect maintenance of all types of floor (fired brick, marble, stoneware, PVC, etc.).

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Current Single phase
Voltage 230 V
Power 1600 W
Disk speed 230 r.p.m.
Equipment 12 m cable
Drive Satellite planetary gearbox
Weight 44 kg
Warranty 12 months