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Diamond Wheel

Diamond wheels produce fewer sparks, no odor, and minimal material debris. They will not fracture during use, increasing safety, and consist of type 29 depressed center grinding wheels, type 1 notching/grinding wheels, and 16-20 in. combination cutting wheels. Intended for chop saws, stationary saws, gas saws, and rail cutting machines, each wheel type suits specific applications.

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Utilizing a high concentration of diamond grit, a solid steel body and an advanced brazing process, diamond wheels are made to last at least 50 times longer than traditional, bonded abrasives. Longer-lasting life spans allow for increased production times and lower grinding and cutting cost ratios. The new diamond wheels also produce fewer sparks, no odor and less material debris since they do not wear down like traditional abrasives. Because the diamond wheels are made from solid steel and will not fracture during use like resin bonded wheels, they are safer to use.