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BETA SL Electric Stacker



Although the BETA SL Electric Stacker  is Armanni’s entry level machine, nothing is left to chance. Its agility, simplicity and versatility are the qualities that make the BETA SL Electric Stacker a powerful, low cost, pedestrian stacker truck that is suitable for any production environment in both small and large companies.

The safety devices and manufacturing philosophy are the same as those of the higher specification lift trucks.

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Thanks to the innovative DR EVO driving system, the operator can benefit from maximum drivability, manoeuvrability and safety ensured by the new steering arm that has been entirely designed by ARMANNI R&D team, and which integrates the new “turtle” functionin order to work in total safety conditions in narrow spaces.


The structure with 5 contact points flanked by the specific damper system ensures the perfect grip between the driving wheel and the floor, even when there is unevenness or extreme ruggedness.


Maintenance operations are facilitated by the simple opening system of the bodywork, which allows entering the machine body

without obstacles, and by the possibility of immediately identifying failures through “check-up LEDs”.

For ARMANNI, the safety of operators is the main requirement when designing machines; structural calculations and simulation programmes lead to the creation of highly resistant frames in order to ensure maximum safety even with full load.
The complete safety equipment also includes regular safety fairing, mast mesh guards and emergency buttons, as well as specific safety systems such as:


integrated in the rudder head, this device has been designed to avoid operator crushing regardless of his/her position and build.


this avoids the accidental activation

of the start-up controls; thus, the lift truck can only be activated when the operator is in the driving position guaranteed by a minimum angle of inclination of the rudder with respect to the vertical axis;

by simply pressing one button, it is possible to reduce speed by 80% in order to work in total safety conditions even in narrow spaces or with delicate loads


  • 24V 15A electronic battery charger with microprocessor.
  • 2 batteries 12V 110Ah.
  • High-frequency electronic plant 24V with braking in release contra flow.
  • Electromagnetic parking brake.
  • Diagnostic LEDs for speed trouble shooting
  • Acoustic warning button.
  • Exhausted battery warning indicator.
  • 1150mm-long fixed forks.
  • Safety systems.
  • Single roller on the leg.
  • Stabilising wheels with extra-heavy castors.
  • Shock absorber on driving wheels.
  • Total free lift.



Customisation of machines with superior equipment and accessories such as adjustable forks, pole for rolls, equipment for rotating and tilting loads, hydraulic distributors with several ways, mechanisms for fast battery change, etc.
Design of special structures and frames with customised size legs, masts for custom-made heights, reinforced structures, stainless steel or galvanised parts for special working environments.